Salvation Farms

Salvation Farms was lucky to cross paths with Abrah. From a casual introduction and an expressed interest to help us with some of our public marketing materials, Abrah has quickly become an asset to our organization. As a small but growing organization, building our brand and how we interface with the public is critical. Abrah quickly understood the culture and philosophies of Salvation Farms making her a valuable part of our team resulting in the design of a very successful solicitation mailing, our promotional brochure and… most recently, widely distributed, and commented on… the label for Rock Art’s Humble Harvester IPA. Salvation Farms feels truly blessed to have the skills and enthusiasm Abrah brings to her work behind several of our key marketing tools…. plus she is very easy to communicate with and such a pleasure to work with.

Salvation Farms is a fantastic organization that I volunteer design-time for. You can read about their mission at their website. I work with their team on Annual Appeal campaigns, updating their brochure, and helping with graphics. I also used their logo to design a beer label produced by a local brewery — proceeds from which went to Salvation Farms!



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