Online card orders have been coming in, and I knew had to get my act together for the craft fair happening this Saturday (Craftstbury Antiques and Uniques for locals!)… I scanned some new art, printed cards, and planned on sitting down tonight to fold and package…

One glitch. Apparently I never ordered envelopes after I moved. Somewhere —somewhere safe I assume — there is a list that states very clearly “Order Envelopes.” Too bad I didn’t stick it on the fridge.

After frantically searching online and realizing no one can deliver by Friday, I am going to disassemble some older cards, and use those envelopes to get me through the fair. Tomorrow I’ll make some calls and see if anyone in a 30 mile radius has anything close to what I need. I’ll also be sending an email out to folks who ordered online, letting them know that their card orders may be delayed slightly. Sigh. Glitches. They are bound to happen.




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