Sketches that don’t work and omg it’s so hot

I can’t even deal with the fact that it’s 9:40 pm and 80°F and humid. It was in the high 90s yesterday and today… and will be for the immediate future. I escaped reality with a friend for a while today… canoeing and river walking and adventuring, all in all it was a perfect summer experience, even with the heat.

When I got home the plan was to sit and draw — something just for me and something for an actual project on my desk… but I kept sticking to the paper. Sticking to my desk. Sticking to my chair. And I swore a lot. So here’s part of a drawing that I gave up on, based on a rather intense discussion happening outside my kitchen window. I opted instead to do some computer work, and while I was still sticky it seemed more manageable…


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