Trying to find my Groove


This resettlement period is taking longer than I had anticipated… I haven’t yet found my groove in any aspect of my life! I’ve been maintaining a decent work schedule (this is the easiest one to commit to… I mean, paying bills is a high priority for me 😊)… but cleaning the house, doing laundry, making time for old and new friends and family, taking my car in for an oil change (how did I put that many miles on it so fast?)… it’s all still by the seat of my pants…  And to be honest, it feels like I am actually just starting to process everything that has happened in my life over the last… 16 (?!) years? So my head and heart are having several “a-ha” moments a day, which is simply exhausting. It seems like I am spending a lot of time just being tired.

The biggest missing groove is still the creative one. I can’t put my finger on exactly why it’s so hard to sit and sketch. It feels like Whimsical Abrah is on vacation… maybe visiting a sweet cottage by the ocean somewhere. I hope she’s enjoying herself. I did move my art space into the living area of my apartment, instead of upstairs in what I thought would be a studio. I’ve been asked to work on some drawings for a blog header for a friend, and this is been my hardest challenge yet. My Self Confidence seems to have disappeared with Whimsy. I spent some time today working through a few sketches of the critters involved… just putting pencil to paper took several deep breathes. I’ll get in the groove again, I just need to take a little more time.

6 thoughts on “Trying to find my Groove”

  1. It’s hard to be creative when your tired and probably still surrounded by boxes to unpack and moving clutter. Maybe if you tackle the issue in smaller increments it’ll be doable. Rest up, the whimsy will come back😁🌸


  2. Abrah, just discovered your blog. Dearly love your drawings! I read Jon and Maria’s blogs, and have enjoyed your art you’ve done for them. I can’t wait to see how their blogs look with your work! Change – it’s hard, I think, for everyone. How about a little friend to share it with? A rescue bunny? Older sweet cat? Sometimes, for me, having an animal to love, helps repair my broken heart. Something furry, warm and purring in my lap is medicine. Keep moving forward, you’ll find your groove. You have good work to do for this world.


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