Getting through the lonely moments


The afternoon hours between 5 and 7 seem to be tripping me up. Work is finished by then and since I now live in an apartment  there aren’t really outdoor chores to tend to. Cooking for one means there is virtually no meal planning. Yesterday I drove to a local lake to just sit in the sunshine and listen to the water, and the families enjoying the evening. I felt broken. Probably everyone has had that moment, when you are alone and wonder how you got to this place. By the time I headed home I had decided to sit at my art desk for a while… just as I was finishing two new friends asked to come over for tea and pastries… and for a while the Universe seemed to balance out. I feel like this hare will be my Muse for a while, she seems easy to work with.


9 thoughts on “Getting through the lonely moments”

  1. Love both of these bunnies, especially the one on the beach. I love the message that it evokes and you’ve captured a true feeling here. Would love to see these bunnies as part of your artwork for sale.


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