Fox Dreams of Starry Skies


I usually avoid drawing foxes, I think I have done only one or two… but today I finally set up my art desk and took a deep breath and thought about what to draw and now I have this fella and another one drying… looks like Fox decided the timing was right…

6 thoughts on “Fox Dreams of Starry Skies”

  1. Oh my. I’m glad it happened. A couple of years ago, a beautiful fox came up our front walk and stood for one glorious minute on our front step. We caught one in the trail camera about that time, too. Foxes. Yes.


  2. Love the fox ❤️
    Your new home looks like a cozy home – well wishes to you
    I enjoy your blog and art – thank you


    1. Thank you, Susan 🙂 this little painting is on a small scrap piece of paper… I am thinking about selling some pieces as “refrigerator art” — not necessarily proportioned for framing, but nice to pin up on a cork board or fridge!


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