I flipped on the office light today and my Muses were busy worrying about my new computer. “It’s smaller?” “Where’s the DVD drive?” “There are only 2 USB ports?” “We are so confused…”


I reassured them as best I could, in between sneezes (this cold is lingering, I am really not a happy camper), that yes, indeed, this computer is BETTER than the last one. Faster, and able to run those RAM hogs that Adobe is churning out these days. Then, feeling better, they all reassured me that I would be able to make up this unexpected expense in no time, and summer will be here soon, and really, everything is fine. Group Hug.

So, yeah, I finally upgraded from my old Beast, a 17″ Mac Book Pro, which Apple had stopped making years ago, to a sleek, new-to-me 15″ creature. I have to admit, the retinal display is pretty awesome, and the lighter weight will be easier in my backpack. We’re getting to know each other, and the lady bugs (or, well, those bitey Asian ones anyway) seem to have not noticed a difference and are climbing all over it. (Side note: If you are in VT and have Mac questions, I highly recommend MacNurse!)

2 thoughts on “Technology…”

  1. Thanks. I needed this. My 9 year old iMac is dying, and I need a new one, and I don’t want to go through the process of learning a new one, and this is most encouraging. I think.


  2. The learning curve isn’t very high, especially if you don’t care about some the bells and whistles that Apple thinks it needs to throw to make it seem new. I also IMMEDIATELY disabled Siri. My life is surreal enough sometimes with her chiming in.


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