February is, in general, my least favorite month. It’s gray, and nowhere near time to start fantasizing about Spring. I’m feeling stressed and should have known not to listen to VPR on my drive to the office this morning. They were reading the names and stories of the children and adults that died in the Florida shooting. I only made it through 4 of them before I started tearing up and turned it off. My mind and heart can’t balance listening to the horror and platitudes and political nonsense that is out there while driving through my small Vermont town, where sometimes my biggest worry is whether the store will have the bulk coffee I like. I read some headline news at lunch time, and it felt like like my aura just dimmed to the point of being gray. I’ll pack up my backpack and walk to my car; stop at the store for some coffee and head home. I’m trying to feel grateful but I just feel inadequate. Hoping you all find color and kindness in your day, either give it or accept it, however it finds you.


4 thoughts on “February”

  1. Yeah. All of that. Wrap up in it for a while. It’ll work its way through. Then you’ll be aware again of the hope that February actually offers … more daylight … trees doing their slow waking rituals … critters showing up. ❤

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  2. Like Yo’ Mama says. All of that. It’s all too much to bear some days. Something to be grateful for is that you can feel the pain of it. It would be terrible not to. . . . And. . . the Tufted Titmouses around here have started a tentative Spring call, and there was a Screech Owl in the woods last night.

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