“Excuse me…

… do I have something stuck in my teeth?”


It’s still cold. We ended up with 8-10 inches of snow from the storm, depending on where the wind blew it. The temperature is hovering around -7 degrees F with a warning of it dropping to -21 tonight, and dangerous wind chills. Our woodstove is keeping our place warm enough, and we’ve no need to travel anywhere. The squirrels have tunnels from beneath one feeder to the other, and pop up once in a while to get their bearings, and to yell at one another to get out of the way. The finches look grumpy and the juncos are stoic (as always) politely hopping around in their little suits. I’m updating my planner with projects that have due dates in May, which makes summer feel closer than not…

1 thought on ““Excuse me…”

  1. I’d never thought of Juncos as stoic, but they are. We have a huge flock of them here. Now and then they shelter under the front steps. And that squirrel is too adorable!


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