That was the last fair of 2017 for me…

If anyone from the Danville Craft Fair is reading this – hello! What a day we had! I’ll admit, it was a bit of a madhouse at times, far too many people in one place for my comfort, but we muddled through and had a great time. Wonderful folks in the tent next to us, and OMG whoopie pies in the tent across the way…

The best part for me is that moment when something catches a persons eye, and they stop and then laugh out loud over one of my cards, really, is anything better?! Teenagers, folks in their 80s, and all ages in between, it was wonderful. Even my slugs got some love.

Next week I’ll be updating my online “presence” which means holiday cards orders! And new products in my Zazzle store… PHEW! October isn’t shaping up to be as quiet of a month as I had thought 😉

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