Go Your Own Way

Every year on my birthday I sort of have a reckoning… Tally up the good and the bad, deposits and debits… So tomorrow I will sit and and jot down who I was during my 46th year in this body.

I laughed out loud when I finally grabbed the mail out of our mailbox today (yeah, sometimes we forget it for a day or two)…. A lovely person had ordered cards recently, and her check arrived, with this bit of blank notepaper. I think it’s perfect to use for the Birthday Reckoning.


Tiny Bear

I’ve been having fun channeling some animal energy on to paper over the last few days. The circles are 1-2 inches in size. I’m thinking I’ll start a little book of them… maybe with tear out pages so I can hand them out to folks as needed. This little bear is already destined for someone.