Apparently “toad-ily” isn’t a word and spell check keeps fixing it… and yet with words that I can’t actually spell it offers no help at all <shaking my head>…

I’m finally making progress on my holiday cards! I did a first sample print run to get a feel for how they are looking… a little more playing around, and one more illustration in the works, and then I’ll be in good shape for the two craft fairs I signed up for this fall, AND uploading images for mugs! I am personally in love with my toad and will be getting a mug for myself of him…


The mosquitoes are still ridiculous here at home, and have really been limiting my “in nature” time. Very annoying. I have a brief lull in work projects so this afternoon I’ll head out for a quick paddle in the kayak and soak up some sunshine. There has been a chill in the mornings warning that winter isn’t too far off, so time to enjoy the sun while I can!


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