I’d like to stick a bow on today and move on

Seems like I complain on here quite a bit. I’m fine. Life is fine. There is just too much of it. I should be joyous at the amount of “stuff” that happens in my life. Instead, I am having too many days where it feels like this…


… and yes, this will be a holiday card as well… Although it really is an all-purpose phrase. I need more bows to slap on things, literally and figuratively.


Apparently “toad-ily” isn’t a word and spell check keeps fixing it… and yet with words that I can’t actually spell it offers no help at all <shaking my head>…

I’m finally making progress on my holiday cards! I did a first sample print run to get a feel for how they are looking… a little more playing around, and one more illustration in the works, and then I’ll be in good shape for the two craft fairs I signed up for this fall, AND uploading images for mugs! I am personally in love with my toad and will be getting a mug for myself of him…


The mosquitoes are still ridiculous here at home, and have really been limiting my “in nature” time. Very annoying. I have a brief lull in work projects so this afternoon I’ll head out for a quick paddle in the kayak and soak up some sunshine. There has been a chill in the mornings warning that winter isn’t too far off, so time to enjoy the sun while I can!


Where is the time going?

I hate it when I have a day set aside for art-ing and I sit down and just don’t “feel it.” I did finish up 2 holiday watercolors, and scanned them in, but just don’t have the patience for cleaning them up in the computer. I also settled on some new banner art for my Facebook and Zazzle pages…


Can you believe that holidays are coming right up? I’m going to be uploading some Halloween art…


….and Christmas art…


… relatively soon because I need to start getting notecards and products printed for craft fairs!

I guess I’ll go wander around outside for a while since sitting at my art desk isn’t going as well as I had hoped. Carry on everyone, and have a good Sunday!

August 18. Not a sketch


Today was a long work day. When I got home I decided to wander around the yard taking some reference photos of whatever critters I could find. My summer is measured by spider varieties. We are now wholly in the Season of the Daddy Long-legs. They are everywhere. Young orange ones, and rather older ones that look cranky. I hung out with this fellow in the goldenrod for a while. A nice place to recover from the news headlines.

Note to self… read own cards…


Because my brain wasn’t fried enough from reading the news, I decided it was time to make some decisions about how and where to sell online. I’d been hemming and hawing about what I wanted to handle, and tried to be realistic about how much time I want to spend on packaging and shipping versus having my free time to actually make art.

Having time to make art won out. Except for the notecards, I love handling those!

So, this will be announced more formally on here in a few days, but I am opening a “store” on Zazzle, where I had already been printing stickers, my snail stamp, and now grocery tote bags! My mugs will also be available there (folks who had placed orders and waited patiently, you should see packages a week or so from today!), as well as several designs on bags and magnets. Feel free to ask about having illustrations on other items!

I’m still setting up products, but you can take a look by clicking here!