Hobo spider… fact check!

Someone asked me about my hobo spider, and why it only has 3 legs on one side…



In mid- to late-summer we have a lot of daddy long legs, and since they don’t trigger my usual “flee” response to spiders I’ll sit and watch them. I noticed quite a few had less than 8 legs…  but seemed to be getting around just fine, so I queried the internet for more information and found this.

They can lose a leg when attacked and then make a safe get away. The legs don’t grow back. When I was sketching up my hobo I knew he was a survivor, so that’s why he only has 7 legs!

Nature is pretty neat, huh?

The Joyful Part

I’ve been wrestling a bit about why I decided to start selling my notecards. I got caught up in printing emails, shipping packages, making deposits, coordinating with the mug printer… and started feeling rushed and overwhelmed. “This isn’t fun” I told my friends. “This is why I didn’t want to start selling anything.” My work deadlines were looming, and summer seemed to be passing at a record rate (it still is!).

I’ve had a few days where there has been a long enough pause for me to say “it’s all good” and actually mean it. But not many. Lately my default energy level is “Panic.”

However, today I had a longer than average pause. I had some time to clean out my Inbox and do some filing. I started sorting through the box of emailed orders that I had printed out, and found the stash of notecards that some people had sent along with their checks.


And I read through my print outs. One of my favorite emails included this: Your work is enchanting, magical!  At my advanced age it awakened feelings in me I thought were long gone – dew on grass, a snail’s slimy trail, the strange madness of hummingbirds. That brings me so much Joy it hurts.

So thank you, all of you, who were part of this recent crazy part of my life, your support means the world to me, and I can’t wait to keep sharing my illustrations of the slimy and quirky world around me.

Mugs are available to order!

The company I’ve been working with (Carved Solutions, check out their monogramming and personalizing!) is located in Vermont, and I’m so happy that it’s all come together so that I can offer my illustrations on mugs!

Thank you all for your patience, it’s been a bit of a learning curve, the best things always are … I will still be updating my “Mugs” page over the next few days as I pick up more samples and take photos of them. Just like the notecards, the best thing to do is email me at abrah.work@gmail.com with any questions, or with your order (!) and I will let you know the total cost.



I was watching a snail heading out this morning, gliding across the walkway like it was on a grand adventure. I helped it over some grass growing between the pavers that it seemed perplexed by and wished it a good trip.

A friend came by today and we filled the hours talking and eating and carrying on… When she left I dragged my sketchbook out to the picnic table to try and work on some ideas I had and just sat there. Stuck. A few scribbles and notes, but it felt like work, so I stopped.

Heading back to the house I looked down and there was a snail (I’d like to think the same one) returning from its road trip. Suddenly it stopped, picked up its head and tilted it slightly and looked like it was deep in thought… and possibly worried… I hope it makes it home…



Just a little more time in the day?


Sometimes my life is so full and busy that I come to a full stop. It’s like the gears lock up, like an over-wound clock. Yesterday was one of those moments. There are so many good and wondrous things happening, but they all require Action and Mindfulness and Reflection, and I hadn’t given myself permission to go be outside and Just Be for a few minutes.

So I went to bed early, counting check boxes on my To-Do list instead of sheep, and when I woke up this morning I did my best to rattle my brain into shape. Everything will work out, it always does. I guess it is like over-winding a clock or watch, sometimes you just need to shake it a few times and it will start ticking again.

First Craft Show!

web-namaslime-within-crSo interesting (and nerve-wreaking on some level) watching people look at your work. I tried not to hover and force chit-chat on them, but it was hard not to ask which illustration they were looking at when a small chuckle would escape them… I did shriek with excitement a bit when I woman laughed aloud and bought “Namaslime-Within” – her sister teaches yoga – and explained to her shopping companion about Namaste (vs Namaslime). I’d love to find an open minded and slightly quirky yoga place that could embrace Namaslime.

All in all a solid day, good sales, friends and family stopping in and texting me love and support, some random encounters with friends who didn’t even know I would be there… Passing thunderstorms and the best booth companion I could hope for.

To everyone who has emailed me about card orders – Thank You! I’m working hard to get a process in place, as I was overwhelmed a bit after Jon Katz unexpectedly wrote about me, so please, bear with me, and know how much I appreciate your enthusiasm!