Nature, whether you are watching or not

I haven’t been been able to sketch during the last few days. I’ve picked up the tools but it just isn’t in me. Today I marveled at the natural stories and jests that happen in nature whether I’m able to capture them or not.

A hummingbird in a thrift re-store warehouse. He comes every year about this time the salespeople told me. As I was at the register I pointed out that even though the doors are all open, he keeps flying to the large vases of silk flowers… Maybe they should put them outside? It was a relief to see when I was backing out of my parking space they had done just that. He was a large ruby-throated beast, I’m sure he’ll figure it out.

Back to my Dad’s place, sitting in the sun. There’s a bird, not a robin, watching me from a dead tree. I guess it’s a flycatcher the way it hovers over the grass. I watch it zoom towards a butterfly feeding, in the next moment watch the butterfly chasing the bird around the side of the house. Aggressive butterflies?! The butterfly returned shortly, but I haven’t seen the bird back yet.

A hawk flies over, a small bird nipping at it’s wing. No screams, no aerial acrobatics, just smooth circles with a tiny nemesis poking at it.

It’s all out there, I love it when I happen to see it.

1 thought on “Nature, whether you are watching or not”

  1. Ayuh, it’s all out there. Mourning doves chasing chipmunks. Forget-me-nots mingling with lungworts and lillies-of-the-valley. Butterfly & hummingbird eyeing one another around the Bleeding Hearts. Dog watching an ant making its way across a mossy rock. Maidenhair fern mixing it up with the Bloodroot. Swallows blessedly snatching blackflies out of the air!

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