For the last week or so there has been a pretty intense challenge each day. I am a worrier, planner, and over-thinker… and when things don’t fall into place the way I think they should, well,  I can become pretty unglued. I try and re-ground myself every day… some days better than others…

BUT finally! Our darling deranged hummingbird reappeared! On a day that I really needed my spirit lifted.


And then the next day I watched the ants trooping down the rope, over the knot, and getting stymied by the hook and water in the reservoir. Up and down, getting more manic, and then finally they seemed to agree it wasn’t worth it and marched home. Except one. There was one tenacious ant, who carefully looked things over, tested it’s balance, and didn’t give up. In fact, I left before it did, so I’m not sure how long it tried. It was a good Muse. I wish I could find it again in the midst of all the ants scurrying around our stoop.


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