1. restrict the vibrations of (a transverse wave, especially light) wholly or partially to one direction.

I used the word “polarizing” in conversation today while talking about the state of affairs in the US right now. When I got home I looked up the definition because I wasn’t completely sure about where the word originated and whether I was using it correctly.

It is more accurate than I had originally thought.

More and more I am finding myself pushed to take a stand to the left or right, black or white, yes or no… to figure out what exactly I stand for, what position do I truly support. And I am having a hard time doing that because I tend to see both sides of many issues, and I appreciate certain aspects of many people in my life, even when I may disagree with some of their beliefs. My brain struggles with balancing science and faith and experience and stories.

I’m unable to to be restricted wholly or partially to one direction right now.

I’m going to continue to post some images here, I think I will stick to a 4×6 size, that can be downloaded and used for postcards. Send them to your lawmakers. Send them to friends. It doesn’t matter to me, but connect with someone, speak what’s on your mind, even if you wander off in all directions.

Download yin-yang 4×6 here


2 thoughts on “Polarize”

  1. Thank you for showing that there is still sanity in this world. My head/brain is about to explode. Relationship years and years old have blown apart for me. How could I not know I was in the midst of racists and bigots. You’ve been a ray of sunshine.


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