Holy Moly it’s December 17th…


All the birds around here are starting to get this googley-eye look for real. It’s been COLD (see a few days ago for my thoughts on being cold). And windy. And cold. And windy.

During work breaks yesterday I watched the birds coming and going from the feeder… I am always amazed at how they survive this weather. We have a tall forged hook out in the front yard that has a bird feeder and suet cake hanging from it. It may be hard to fill in the gaps in the photos, but these 3 were all on it or around it at the same time, giving each other territorial glances. Very amusing.


Hysterical! And so puffed up. Brrrrrrrrrr. I don’t blame them. We also had some tufted titmouses (titmice?), finches, chickadees, a larger pain-in-my-butt woodpecker, and yes, one lonely nuthatch.


2 thoughts on “Holy Moly it’s December 17th…”

  1. HaHA (or HoHO), Mary FC Pratt … I was about to write the same thing. Abrah’s birds and the ones that inspire her. The feeder here is humming with nuthatches & chickadees this morning … with mourning doves & squirrels foraging below. Tis the season.


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