Strange Days


This is an illustration I did over the summer, I’m not sure what had happened, but obviously I felt a little askew. I suspect it was after one of the mass shootings. It’s now Day 2 of knowing the results of the election, and I am off-kilter again. In my relatively sheltered world all is operating normally. People are going to work, pumping gas, buying coffee… but there an underlying sense of unease, I think both hoping that we can connect and talk to someone, while at the same time not necessarily wanting to know how each other voted (at least not without being able to take the time to explain). Maybe it’s just me. Because when someone asked me how I was doing, in that typical offhand manner, and I replied “Horrified” neither of us knew what to say next.

Over the summer I started making morning sketches (well, sometimes it got pushed to the afternoon!) and I want to continue posting them here and on Facebook. But now I’ve had two mornings in a row where I feel at a loss, and just stare at the paper and write swear words. Maybe this means I should just start practicing my lettering techniques. I’ll let my practice slide for now, but I know that I can’t let the smile I have found in creating again slip through my fingers.



2 thoughts on “Strange Days”

  1. We feel your angst. Gavin just up and cried and asked if he could still be friends with his buddy Miles. Took a lot of convincing that his world will be fine. Tough to see him so worried. And the swear words flowed in my head. XO


  2. I have been hiking in the woods with my dog. It really helps to get away from the media and not need to talk. I wish everyone healing, peace and joy. Don’t give up on your creative flow, thank you for sharing this gift.


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