Late afternoon sketch. There’s a mason jar next to me with some impatiens from my Mom that I’ve been letting flower. I know if I pinch the buds off it will root faster but I can’t bring myself to do it…


6 thoughts on “Roots”

  1. 🌸☮💞 (Ain’t you having fun!)

    **************** It’s just Maggie … but you probably figured that out ☮


  2. hi…just learned about you & your creative spirit in Jon Katz’ blog(I LOVE HIS BLOG)!
    is your art work (musings) for sale??

    i know i am going to really enjoy your blog!!
    thanks much!!


    1. Thanks, Bev! This website is a new adventure for me, and I am still working on how to sell my art… but I will definitely be updating on here when I do!


  3. So glad to see your blog Abrah. I’m the same when it comes to flowers. I’ll stick them in water even when they’re half dead. I love to let them live out their lives. This is beautifully painted and has so much feeling too.


  4. I’m another visitor via Jon Katz’ blog. I concur with the previous comments! I take pictures of flowers on my phone; we don’t have any we are entitled to pick, and mostly I just like to browse when I walk my dog. Your drawings are lovely, and I look forward to seeing more. 🙂


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